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Requirement analysis

If you find your company in one of the following points, you are a typical customer for our software:

  • Double work in many departments, due to missing a continuous IT-solution for the internal workflow.
  • Missing integration of all existing data:
    different, sometimes incompatible and department-internal IT-solutions are leading to redundant data warehouses and therefore to inconsistent data.
  • Missing integration of customer complaints and failure statistics into the development- and production-ERP-system.
  • Missing definition of the data structure:
    by mixed structuring, collecting and use of the existing data, many employees are not aware what data is existing at all.
  • Economically suboptimal decisions, based on analyses which are predicated on inconsistent, uncomplete or obsolete data.
  • Missing of informative, up-to-date accumulated calculations.
  • Poor flow of internal information with special customer needs and customized changes in special order positions.
  • Decreasing product-quality because of suboptimal supervision of work and consequences not according to cause in case of incorrect work.
  • Missing of a fitting parts-list-organisation to support the variants-variety inside the enterprise.
  • Missing of an up-to-date cost analysis and control of large development projects.
  • Missing of a software-based, graphical project planning (system engineering).
  • No supervision with integrated live-data (e.g. labor-time, state of process, etc.) from the production flow

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